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Trucking is a dangerous job, but maybe not for the reasons you think

In mid-October, a multi-vehicle accident closed a stretch of Interstate 55 south of Springfield for several hours, tying up traffic for miles. While workers were clearing the site, another accident occurred. In all, 12 vehicles were involved, including three tractor-trailers, and six people were injured. Fortunately, none of the injuries was life-threatening.

Have new vapor-pressure standards made oil trains safer?

As we've previously discussed on our blog, the last few years have seen a large number of accidents involving the derailment of oil trains originating from the Bakken Shale region of North Dakota and traveling to points throughout North America.

A closer look at railroad crossings, train horns and quiet zones

There's no doubt that the sound of a train horn has a certain peaceful and almost hypnotic effect on those located miles away from the approaching locomotive. However, the reality is not nearly so idyllic for those who live or work in close proximity to tracks, as the blare of a train horn can prove to be truly deafening.

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