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Medical Malpractice Archives

Whether shocking or subtle, surgery errors can cause great harm

Surgical errors come in many varieties. Some are big mistakes that are rather shocking in nature. These are the ones that often end up in headlines and news stories. A recent Becker’s Infection Control & Clinical Quality article went over some of the more shocking U.S. surgical mistakes that have been reported on. They involved things like large tools being left in a patient, a patient not being given general anesthesia until an operation was well under way, blood type mix-ups in an organ transplant and removal of the wrong organ.

Study: lots of variation in child asthma inpatient care in U.S.

When a child has asthma, many different things regarding their care can have significant impacts for them and their family. This includes the type of care they receive when they go to a hospital for inpatient care in relation to their condition.

When parents sense something is off with their child's medical care

Sometimes, when a parent is with their child as their child is receiving medical care at a hospital, they notice something about the care that they suspect might not be right. For example, they might feel that a mistake is being made or that something important was missed.

What is 'joint and several' liability?

Legislatures, courts and bar associations around the country have long encouraged, if not demanded, that lawyers use plain language in legal documents. A summons and complaint should not be so thick with arcane terminology, much of which will certainly be in Latin, that an average plaintiff cannot understand it. Similarly, contracts should stay away from "party of the first part" language in favor of less cumbersome terms like "you" and "the company."

Why patients should be concerned about smartphones in the OR

Unfortunately, the degree to which people are transfixed by their smartphones is perhaps no longer quite as shocking as it once was. In fact, chances are very good that you've witnessed everyone from motorists and truckers to pedestrians and bicyclists either talking or texting while in motion, completely oblivious to their surroundings.

Just how safe are the IV devices used by hospitals?

When most people are admitted to the hospital, they take it for granted that the medical equipment used in their care is both effective and safe. While there is certainly nothing wrong with this, it is nevertheless important to understand that even the most effective medical equipment is not without safety risks of which both physicians and nurses should be aware.  

How patients can suffer when hospital equipment can't communicate

The vast majority of hospitals have made a commitment to improving the patient experience over the last decade such that the typical hospital room has undergone something of a drastic transformation. Indeed, flat-screen televisions, more accommodating bathroom suites and comfortable seating for guests are now the norm in many facilities.

How can you protect yourself from medication errors? - II

Last time, we began discussing how serious medication errors -- wrong drug, wrong dosage, etc. -- can take place in locations other than just pharmacies and hospitals, including your local doctor's office. We also started discussing the steps that patients can take to avoid becoming victimized by this all too common form of medical malpractice.

How can you protect yourself from medication errors?

Most of us have heard the horror stories about people suffering serious harm after being given the wrong drug or wrong dosage by their neighborhood pharmacy. However, it's important to understand that medication errors aren't just confined to the pharmacy, but can also occur in less obvious locations such as the doctor's office.

A closer look three birth injuries caused by medical negligence

Giving birth to a child is supposed to be an incredibly happy time in a woman's life. But this happiness is often marred by a complication. And if that complication leads to a birth injury, both mother and child may never fully be able to get over this life-changing event.

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