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August 2019 Archives

Your child’s trip to school may be more dangerous than you think

Mornings on a school day are always hectic. You’re rushing your child out of bed and out the door. If you’re lucky, they remembered to grab their lunch and backpack in the process.

Relaxing trucker drive-time rules a threat to public safety

Long-haul trucker drive-time rules and regulations exist to help prevent commercial truck drivers from driving while drowsy or fatigued, which can present a serious and substantial threat to everyone else traveling the nation’s roadways. For some time now, though, truckers, trucking company owners and others with interests in the trucking industry have argued that the rules governing trucker drive times are too strict. Now, the current presidential administration is considering loosening current regulations across the trucking industry, even though fatal wrecks involving semi-trucks are already on the rise across the nation.

What happens if your child gets injured on a school bus?

In early May of this year, a school bus with about 40 first-grade students on board was traveling down Illinois Route 133. Out of nowhere, an oncoming car veered into the bus’s lane. This resulted in what Shane Gould, president of Gould Bus Company, called “one of the worst crashes he has seen in decades.” Thankfully—and due in large part to the veteran bus driver’s quick reflexes—the most severe injury was a broken nose. But the situation could’ve been much worse.

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