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Tips for avoiding driving while drowsy

Many people who would never get behind the wheel after a few beers never think twice about driving after a sleepless night? Although there is a growing awareness of the risks of drowsy driving, many still underestimate the danger.  

Most people need around eight hours of sleep each night in order to function well enough to drive safely. When the number of hours drops below six, the effect can become similar to that of legal intoxication.

The dangers of using social media after an accident

We’ve published many posts on the dangers of using your cell phone while driving. With smartphones giving drivers unlimited connectivity, texting or checking social media while driving has become alarmingly common. This trend has led to a surge in devastating accidents on Illinois roads.

While you may inherently understand that checking your Twitter feed while driving is a bad idea, you may not realize the negative implications of using social media after an accident. If you were injured due to someone else’s negligence, what you post on social media could prevent you from obtaining compensation.

Workers’ comp and third-liability: Avoiding slips and falls

If you feel like Illinois retailers are gearing up for the holiday season earlier than before, you could be right. If you work in the retail or restaurant sectors, you may want to brush up on workplace accidents and third-party liabilities. Though many businesses have programs and benefits in place to help injured workers recover, those benefits only extend so far. There are circumstances where employees who suffer injuries can sue parties unaffiliated with their employers for compensation. Workers who file for workers’ compensation benefits may also have valid personal injury claims

Accidents can happen anywhere, especially slips and falls. It is impossible to know when you could end up in an accident and stress out about your finances due to lost income and mobility. You can mitigate the consequences by holding all negligent parties liable. Consider the following information to avoid slip and fall accidents this season. 

Three tips to staying safe this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner—a holiday dedicated to feasting on rich food with the family and friends you hold dear. The approaching holiday weekend is meant to be a joyous occasion. However, more often than you might expect, Thanksgiving mishaps can lead to disastrous injuries and trips to the emergency room.

In today’s post, we outline three core safety hazards to be aware of this long holiday weekend:

Thanksgiving: Wonderful and dangerous

Everyone knows they’re coming. In fact, the holidays are almost here. Thanksgiving is just days away. Many regular readers of our O'Fallon, Illinois, Personal Injury Law Blog will be traveling across the state or into neighboring Missouri to get together with family and friends for turkey dinners, laughter and love.

Unfortunately, traffic promises to be heavy over Thanksgiving weekend, as it always is, and the risk of motor vehicle accidents and injuries will be higher than normal. One big reason for the increased dangers on our roads: drunk drivers come out in force for the holidays.

After a car crash, settling too quickly can cost you.

You’re driving to pick up your kids after school. The roads are icy, but you’re being careful and driving slowly. The driver in the left lane, however, isn’t. As he accelerates to pass you, he fishtails and collides with your front bumper—sending you spinning into a ditch.

In an instant, your whole life flashes before your eyes. You feel fortunate to be alive—but you’re also badly shaken. As you ride in the ambulance to the hospital, you barely know what to think. At this point, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to settle with your insurance company too quickly. Here’s why:

How to best prevent injury in car seats

Most new parents already know the basics about transporting their babies by car: use a car seat, and face it towards the back. However, car seat safety guidance is becoming more sophisticated as crash tests are starting to account for changing factors as your baby grows.

In today’s post, we examine two important new recommendations with respect to car seat safety:

How to proceed when injured in an Uber

Distracted driving is a primary cause of car accidents in Illinois. Unfortunately, Uber and Lyft drivers have to keep a massive distraction in front of their faces at all times: their smartphones. Combined with a lack of knowledge of local roadways, it is incredibly easy for an Uber driver to end up in an accident with you as a passenger. 

You should not consider yourself out of the clear when you end up in an accident while riding an Uber. There is work for you to do, and you want to make sure you protect yourself in case you sustained any injuries that you are not aware of yet. 

Third party liability and your workplace injury

Illinois residents who suffer an injury at work often think of workers' compensation as their only recourse. However, in some situations, you also may be able to pursue a standard personal injury lawsuit, which can help you recover a wider range of damages.

Generally, you may have the option of filing a lawsuit if a third party, who is not your employer, bears the fault for your injury. Figuring out whether this is the case may involve a detailed investigation into the sources of the injury. Depending on the specific situation, you may face some fairly tight filing deadlines, making it is important to set the process in motion promptly.

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