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What you should know about substance abuse among truckers

When you drive Illinois’ roadways, you have little choice other than to share the road with commercial trucks, but for some motorists, doing so can prove unnerving and uncomfortable. In addition to being difficult to see and maneuver around because of their sheer size and weight, semitrucks are also often dangerous because many truck drivers admit to engaging in dangerous driving practices while on the job.

Substance abuse, in particular, is a common problem among many truckers, and when the drivers of these massive vehicles drink or use drugs before climbing into the driver’s seat, they endanger you and anyone else who crosses their path.

How to stay safe as a pedestrian on the road

It is rare to think that a car will not stop for you, as a pedestrian walking down the sidewalk. Unfortunately, this does happen.

Almost 6,000 pedestrians were killed due to traffic fatalities in 2017, an 25-year high. There is not much you can do about drivers’ actions while on the road, but you can take care of yourself. Following these recommendations may help you stay safer as a pedestrian.

IKEA recalls dressers, cites dangerous tipping hazard

You just moved into your first home. It's exciting but also a little daunting--it's by far the biggest financial investment you've ever made in your life. Your wallet is noticeably lighter than it was, and you still have an entire house to furnish. How do you fill up your new space on a budget?

If you're like many new homeowners, you may turn to garage sales or thrift stores. And if you have your heart set on new furniture, you'll probably also hit up discount furniture stores--like IKEA. This Swedish furniture company is able to keep their prices low by selling their furniture disassembled in a warehouse setting. You haul it home and put it together yourself.

What types of security should you expect from a property owner?

When you go to a friend's house, to the store or to an amusement park, you have the expectation that you will be reasonably safe. That is, no one should consciously put you in harm's way. If there have been potential dangers such as a dog liable to bite or a bridge that has grown increasingly weak, the person responsible has identified the risks and taken care of them. Or so that is how it should work in a perfect world.

The reality is not as clear-cut. For example, an employee may have spotted a potentially dangerous stray dog roaming the outskirts of amusement park property and notified management. However, one person may have expected another to call animal control, and no one ever made the call. Likewise, if a customer spills water at a store, one employee who works in stocking might tell no one about it because he or she thinks that another employee will spot the puddle soon and take care of it. Ultimately, the store has failed in training its employees to address potential hazards quickly no matter their position.

Why a “professional” guardian isn’t necessarily a good guardian

There has been regular discussion in the news lately about the elder abuse problem in our nation’s nursing homes. We’ve seen numerous reports of physical and sexual assault, negligent care and the unauthorized use of antipsychotic drugs on residents.

In addition to these horrifying crimes, there is another—equally serious—form of elder abuse that has received comparatively little media attention: the financial abuse of the elderly by their court-appointed guardians.

Learn the safe way to create an at-home fireworks display

The Fourth of July is a time to celebrate our nation’s independence. It’s also a time of tradition. It’s a time when we gather with friends and family, have a barbecue—and of course—watch fireworks.

While there are often professional fireworks shows we could go watch, many of us like to buy our own fireworks and put on a private show at home. However, not all of us take the time to educate ourselves about the necessary safety precautions before we start operating such explosives.

Injuries that can remain hidden after a car accident


Car accidents occur every day on highways and roads throughout Illinois. A recent example occurred on June 27th. Three people sustained injuries after a car crashed directly into a dental building. The driver responsible for the crash is in stable condition, and police have charged her with negligent driving.

How difficult is it to recover from a concussion?

You were in a minor fender bender, and although the damage was minimal, you think you can remember hitting your head against the window in the impact. Now, a few days after the accident, you just feel like something is off. Could I have a concussion, you wonder? The symptoms and severity of concussions can vary for Illinois residents, but it is worth educating yourself on this potentially serious type of head injury.

You can get a concussion in just about any instance in which you hit your head. You might suffer a mild concussion from standing up at your work desk and bonking your head on an overhead cabinet. You could get a concussion from playing sports, slipping and falling on a wet surface and, of course, from an auto accident.

How the wrong memory foam mattress can actually hurt your health

As a society, we're becoming increasingly protective of our health. We've dramatically cut back on smoking compared to a generation ago. We drink purified water and eat organic foods. But there's one thing many of us fail to consider the health implications of: our mattress.

You spend eight hours a day with your nose pressed up against this giant, synthetic rectangle. Do you even know what it's made of? If not, you should.

Catastrophic trucking accidents: more common than you might think

Plane crashes don’t happen very often. But whenever they do, they make national headlines. Imagine if a mid-range commuter jet crashed every week—each time killing all of its passengers. It would be terrifying. People would be too afraid to fly.

While this scenario may sound far-fetched, the number of fatalities suffered each year due to trucking accidents in the United States—more than 4,000—is equal to the number in the above hypothetical situation. In addition, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that another 100,000 people suffer injuries each year from trucking accidents. And these numbers are increasing each year.

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