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How the law recognizes the value of your romantic relationship

On Valentine’s Day, you may dedicate a little extra time to appreciating the special things about your spouse or partner that make you feel lucky to be with them. Maybe you appreciate the way they always do the dishes whenever you cook. Perhaps you admire their knack for lifting your spirits with an inspirational talk whenever you’re feeling down. Or it could be that you simply like the way they hold you—making you feel protected and letting you know that everything is okay.

When tragedy strikes, lives can change in a flash. If your spouse were involved in a serious accident, the impact on both of your lives would be tremendous. What are the legal structures in place to protect you—as the spouse of an accident victim?

Low-speed car crashes and the “silent epidemic”

You may think of a brain injury in connection with sports; for instance, it is common for football players to experience concussions. However, vehicle crashes, along with falls, account for most of the traumatic brain injuries reported each year in the United States. Do you know why people refer to TBI as the “silent epidemic"?

The two forms of TBI

How to stay safe in sub-zero wind chills

As the polar vortex tears through the Midwest, 77 percent of the continental U.S. population is being hit by an unusual cold snap. For many of us, these are the coldest temperatures we've ever experienced.

In Illinois, one man has already died in a weather-related accident. In Chicago, temperatures are expected to be even colder than Antarctica--plummeting to -27°F on Thursday. In O'Fallon, there is currently a wind chill advisory in effect--with wind chills as low as -25°F.

Steps railroad workers should take after suffering an injury

Railroad work can be hazardous. On-the-job injuries include burns, broken bones and much more. Would you know what to do if you sustained an injury in a railroad-related accident?

You may be eligible for compensation under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act. Prior to filing a claim, here are four important steps to take.

During the shutdown, federal employees at higher risk of injury

This year, Martin Luther King Jr. Day marks the 30th day of the partial government shutdown. For the last month, upwards of 800,000 federal government employees and contractors have either been without a job or been forced to work without pay.

The situation is financially devastating for many Americans. But in addition to the overwhelming anxiety connected to past-due mortgage payments and mounting credit card bills, federal workers affected by the shutdown also face a higher risk of personal injury. Here’s why:

The link between road construction and car crashes

When you are trying to get somewhere in Illinois within a particular timeframe, road construction can throw a wrench in the works and cause frustrating delays. While construction zones can prove annoying, they can also prove highly dangerous, with America’s construction zones becoming increasingly common sites for car wrecks.

In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration, car crashes in construction zones have become so common in recent years that 96,626 crashes took place within them in 2015. In 2013, meanwhile, 67,887 crashes took place in work zones, so the number of construction zone car crashes rose 42 percent within this recent two-year period. While part of this uptick is likely due to the fact that construction is becoming increasingly widespread as cities and towns expand and grow, population-wise, other motorists making their way through these construction zones also contribute to the problem.

Don't let your new year's resolutions land you in the hospital

The new year is upon us. If you're eager to get rid of the extra weight you put on over the holidays, you may have made a new year's resolution to bump up your exercise routine. Many Americans approach work-out resolutions with gusto--vowing to shed excess pounds and convert their bodies into lean, mean, exercising machines.

However, if your body is unaccustomed to regular, vigorous exercise, this approach can quickly lead to injury. If you slip on an icy sidewalk during your jog around the neighborhood, you could end up with a break or sprain. If you start workout out on machines at the gym, you could suffer injuries by using improper form or by tackling high weights too quickly.

Top Christmas safety hazards for babies

Your first Christmas with a new baby can be a joyful time. You may be looking forward to gathering with your extended family and sharing your holiday traditions with your new bundle of joy.

However, the Christmas season brings with it a lot of extra paraphernalia--from tinsel to trees--which can seem very enticing to a baby. In today's post, we discuss some of the leading causes of accidents with babies during the holiday season.

Tips for avoiding driving while drowsy

Many people who would never get behind the wheel after a few beers never think twice about driving after a sleepless night. Although there is a growing awareness of the risks of drowsy driving, many still underestimate the danger.  

Most people need around eight hours of sleep each night in order to function well enough to drive safely. When the number of hours drops below six, the effect can become similar to that of legal intoxication.

The dangers of using social media after an accident

We’ve published many posts on the dangers of using your cell phone while driving. With smartphones giving drivers unlimited connectivity, texting or checking social media while driving has become alarmingly common. This trend has led to a surge in devastating accidents on Illinois roads.

While you may inherently understand that checking your Twitter feed while driving is a bad idea, you may not realize the negative implications of using social media after an accident. If you were injured due to someone else’s negligence, what you post on social media could prevent you from obtaining compensation.

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