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The particulars of railroad worker injury compensation

You’ve probably heard of worker’s compensation—an insurance system designed to provide benefits to employees who were injured on the job. Worker’s compensation is a valuable protection for workers across industries.

For railroad workers, the types of benefits available and the process for receiving those benefits differ from other types of work. In this post, we’ll examine the key distinctions specific to railroad worker’s compensation.

Heads up displays may be dangerouss

If you’re in the market for a new car, it is likely that manufacturers and car salespeople will try to sway you with information and explanations about the latest technical upgrades. Many focus on safety, such as proximity sensors and back up cameras. However, the newest upgrades are created to make driving and following directions easier.

With that, some new cars include a display that can help drivers see icons on their windshields. Essentially, images from the dashboard or a navigational system would appear driver’s line of sight so that their eyes do not leave the road. These displays are called “heads up displays” or HUDs. They are available on the Mercedes Benz E-Class, the BMW 5 Series and a host of other luxury vehicles.  

Halloween costume safety

Our prior post leads up to the night that no child wants to forget: Halloween night. The anticipation of canvassing the neighborhood for candy is certainly exciting for kids, but parents have a duty to keep them safe.

Indeed, a great burden of Halloween safety falls on drivers who must be particularly careful about seeing pedestrians, especially if they are traveling down streets that are not well lit. However, parents can reduce the potential for an accident by ensuring that their children’s costumes are safe. This post will highlight a few things parents can do. 

Top Halloween safety tips for pedestrians and drivers

With Halloween coming soon, kids may already be giddy with the anticipation of donning costumes and getting candy while strolling through their neighborhood. With this highly anticipated event, drivers throughout St. Louis County must be careful about seeing (and avoiding) pedestrians. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of children killed in car-pedestrian accidents spikes on Halloween, because more little ones are walking neighborhoods at night.

Because of this, there are a number of precautions that drivers and pedestrians can take in order to be safe.

Self-driving cars are coming, and humans must be careful

The proliferation of crash avoidance systems in new cars (e.g. lane integrity warnings, proximity warnings and automatic braking) are quickly turning what used to be considered science fiction into reality.

Indeed, all of these are the precursors to self-driving cars, but the big questions involve how soon will such cars appear on streets and highways around St. Louis? According to some experts, these vehicles could be on the road as soon as 2020. Companies such as Google, General Motors and BMW are well in the process of developing autonomous vehicles, and high-end Tesla models have autopilot modes that actually allow a driver to let the car do the driving. 

Can you recover money because of negligent security?

Negligent security is the failure to exercise reasonable care in providing security or protection to patrons in a commercial venue. It is a theory of premises liability where a property owner is held accountable for a patron’s injuries suffered in the midst of a criminal act on the owner’s property. An injured patron may recover money damages for negligent security by proving:

-      The owner had a legal duty to protect people invited to enter the property, such as customers or tenants, or to warn them of specific dangers.

Safe driving tips for Labor Day weekend

Believe it or not, but Labor Day weekend will soon be upon us. With that, many around the St. Louis metro area will celebrate the last holiday of the summer. They tend to drive to their favorite destinations. With gas prices down compared to last year, traffic volumes are expected to be high. As such, prudent driving will be important given how Labor Day weekend is a dangerous time to be on the road.  

We want our readers to be safe, so we offer the following tips. 

Dangers to be aware of at waterparks

Some days it seems like water parks are made for the “dog days of summer.” After all, how better is it to beat the heat by sliding down a waterslide, hanging out on a lazy river or even playing in a wave pool. Indeed, water parks have such a following that even after summer ends, people will flock to indoor facilities to continue the summertime fun.  

With more than 50 million people attending water parks in the United States each year, accidents are certain to occur. Indeed, may be injured if they run where they are not supposed to, but many harmful accidents occur around waterslides. Basically, some slides may have dangerous design defects. 

Will a 'textalyzer' resolve questions of fault in accident cases?

Distracted driving, particularly texting while driving, remains a national problem even with a majority of states enacting laws banning the practice. It appears that even with these laws in place, people continue to use their cell phones to communicate while on streets and highways.

This may be due to the difficulty in enforcing such laws. In many jurisdictions, texting and driving is only actionable as a secondary offense (meaning that another primary offense must be cited before the texting violation is considered). Regardless, a new piece of technology is in the works to help combat distracted driving. 

Who is liable when a sinkhole swallows a car?

While a number of our posts focus on hazards drivers encounter because of other drivers, the roads we drive on can sometimes be hazardous as well. Indeed, we are not worried about snow covered roads and black ice in July, but warped roads and sinkholes could be dangerous.

Such was the case with a car owner in downtown St. Louis.  According to a recent AP.com report, a driver believed that he found a prime parking spot for his morning workout, only to come back to find that his Toyota Camry was gone. Initially he thought that someone stole his car, but as he walked closer to where he previously parked his car he found several steel workers surrounding the site.

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