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How difficult is it to recover from a concussion?

You were in a minor fender bender, and although the damage was minimal, you think you can remember hitting your head against the window in the impact. Now, a few days after the accident, you just feel like something is off. Could I have a concussion, you wonder? The symptoms and severity of concussions can vary for Illinois residents, but it is worth educating yourself on this potentially serious type of head injury.

You can get a concussion in just about any instance in which you hit your head. You might suffer a mild concussion from standing up at your work desk and bonking your head on an overhead cabinet. You could get a concussion from playing sports, slipping and falling on a wet surface and, of course, from an auto accident.

How the wrong memory foam mattress can actually hurt your health

As a society, we're becoming increasingly protective of our health. We've dramatically cut back on smoking compared to a generation ago. We drink purified water and eat organic foods. But there's one thing many of us fail to consider the health implications of: our mattress.

You spend eight hours a day with your nose pressed up against this giant, synthetic rectangle. Do you even know what it's made of? If not, you should.

Catastrophic trucking accidents: more common than you might think

Plane crashes don’t happen very often. But whenever they do, they make national headlines. Imagine if a mid-range commuter jet crashed every week—each time killing all of its passengers. It would be terrifying. People would be too afraid to fly.

While this scenario may sound far-fetched, the number of fatalities suffered each year due to trucking accidents in the United States—more than 4,000—is equal to the number in the above hypothetical situation. In addition, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that another 100,000 people suffer injuries each year from trucking accidents. And these numbers are increasing each year.

4 summer cycling tips

Summer is one of the best times for bicycling. You can get out and enjoy the wonderful weather without worrying about rain or snow. Cycling in the summertime, however, comes with some unique challenges.

There are certain health and safety concerns about riding your bike during the summer months. Here is some advice to stay cool and safe while biking in hot conditions:

Diet affects the brain’s ability to regenerate following injury

You’re driving home after a long day at work. The weather is pleasantly cool, the wind is in your hair and your favorite band is playing on the radio. You’re looking forward to getting home and having dinner with your family.

Out of nowhere, the careless driver in the SUV next to you side swipes you—sending your car somersaulting into the ditch beside the road. Amazingly, you survive the incident. But the consequences are life-altering. In addition to the broken bones and damage to your spine, you’ve also suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Could a helmet law reduce bicycle injuries in Illinois?

Compared to other states in the country, Illinois has relatively few laws concerning bicycle safety. Nonetheless, Illinois has among the highest number of bicycle fatalities in the country.

Illinois law requires any cyclist riding at night to use a white head lamp visible from a distance of 500 feet as well as a red rear reflector (or light) visible from a distance of 100–500 feet. In addition, the Illinois Secretary of State recommends—but does not require—that cyclists use a helmet, a horn or bell as well as additional reflectors on their bike pedals and wheels.

What are the most common types of motorcycle injuries?

The warmer months are finally here, and with them come more motorcycles on Illinois streets, roads and highways. Sadly, this, in turn, means more motorcycle accidents. Whether you are a committed or casual rider, it can be a good idea to review the defensive riding rules and protective gear requirements.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration cautions that operating a motorcycle takes more skill and coordination than you need when operating a car. It also reports that the rider dies or sustains injuries in 80 percent of motorcycle accidents. While wearing a helmet reduces your risk of death by up to 35 percent, it might not prevent you from receiving serious injuries if you crash, the most common of which are the following:

  • Bone fractures
  • Road rash
  • Head injuries

    Three common misconceptions in gauging your BAC

    Drunk driving-related accidents are on the rise across the country. One issue in determining whether you're capable of driving after a few drinks is understanding your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). In Illinois, if your BAC is 0.08 or above, you are considered drunk in the eyes of the law. If you get caught driving in this condition, you could be charged with a DUI--resulting in license suspension, jail time and/or steep fines.

    Many people believe they have the ability to accurately judge whether they're legally drunk. However, there are some common misconceptions about how to make this determination. In this article, we clear up three of these myths:

    Slip-and-fall accidents include more than just snow and ice

    Living in the state of Illinois means that you may have firsthand knowledge of the dangers of walking down an icy sidewalk or crossing a parking lot during the winter.

    In some cases, business owners must remove ice or snow that poses a threat to customers or clients, particularly when the sidewalk or walkway in question is used exclusively by those patrons.

    What to do after a hit-and-run accident

    On Illinois roadways, crashes happen on a daily basis. According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, there were 858 crashes per day over the course of a single year. That amounts to 313,316 traffic accidents in one year. In that same time frame, almost three people were killed a day in car collisions and over 10 people were injured every hour.

    Motor vehicle accidents do not have to include injuries and fatalities to cause upheaval. No matter the circumstance, these events can cause a lot of stress for everyone involved. If one of the drivers does not stick around after the crash, the other person may be at a loss for what to do next.

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