Product Liability

Product liability involves injuries caused by defective products. When an unsafe product causes injuries because of its design or because it was manufactured incorrectly, the product manufacturer, as well as any company involved in the product's sale, installation or assembly, may be liable. For instance, machinery may be manufactured without adequate safety features, which exposes the operator to risks from its use. Or a food product may contain dangerous substances that injure the consumer.

Sometimes products do not have sufficient warnings or instructions, which also make products unsafe. An example would be a power tool that does not adequately warn the user about exposed moving parts. In products liability cases, the product manufacturer may be held strictly liable for injuries, meaning it is not necessary to prove the manufacturer was negligent in order to recover.

Our firm has successfully pursued numerous products liability cases to verdict or settlement. By such action, we have helped to move entire industries to manufacture safer products. For example, we represented a worker injured by a defective crane that was manufactured without adequate protection for the operator. While extending the boom of the crane, the worker was injured when the headache ball sucked through the end of the boom and crashed into the operator's cab. Our lawyers obtained a very substantial settlement against the crane manufacturer. Today, virtually all cranes are built with devices to protect the operator from these types of injuries.

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