Trucking Company Negligence: Belleville/Southern Illinois

Proving negligence of a trucking company following an accident is a complex process that requires an experienced attorney who gets to the facts and attends to every detail. Dedicated and diligent legal representation is vital if you have suffered serious injuries or a family member has died.

At Kujawski Marcus, LLC, our lawyers commit the firm's resources to maximizing compensation after truck accidents on behalf of O'Fallon and Southern Illinois residents victimized by negligent trucking companies.

The Life-Changing Effects Of Trucking Company Negligence

In an effort to maximize profits, trucking companies take shortcuts to reduce their costs. Their risky behavior has dangerous and deadly consequences. Negligence can take many forms and include:

  • Exceeding federal regulations on travel and sleep time by overscheduling drivers
  • Allowing trucks that are overloaded, unbalanced and unsecured on the roads
  • Hiring drivers who lack qualifications and proper training
  • Poor truck maintenance
  • Failure to inspect and repair trucks
  • Failure to provide necessary safety devices
  • Overlooking drivers cited for safety violations and traffic violations

From the moment you retain our law firm, we provide personalized representation and tailor strategies to maximize your compensation. We conduct in-depth investigations to determine the true extent of the injuries you or a loved one suffered. We attend to every detail in interviewing witnesses, collecting evidence and consulting with your physicians.

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