When Falls Or Ineffective Transfers Occur, Call Us

Falls are a leading cause of injury among nursing home residents. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 1,800 nursing home residents die each year from falls, and thousands more suffer severe injuries. This statistic is all the more grim given that so many falls are preventable.

If your loved one suffered a fall in a nursing home, you should never assume it was simply an accident. Many falls and ineffective transfers warrant a closer look to determine what happened and how it could have been prevented.

If the fall was due to the negligence of the nursing home or its staff, you may have a right to pursue significant financial recovery through a personal injury claim. Doing so will enable you not only to seek compensation, but also to hold the nursing home accountable and help prevent similar tragedies from happening in the future.

Pursuing Justice For Your Loved One And Preventing Further Tragedies

In Illinois, the personal injury attorneys at Kujawski Marcus, LLC, can analyze your options for pursuing justice. We are committed to helping vulnerable elders and their loved ones seek answers and fight for compensation following a tragic fall. Our proven track record of achieving outstanding results in personal injury cases demonstrates the high level of care, attention and professionalism we bring to every case.

Why Do Falls Happen?

Because falls are so prevalent in nursing homes, their risk should never be downplayed or ignored. Nursing homes and senior care facilities can readily reduce the risk of falls by consistently observing proven safety measures. All too often, a fall can be traced to the nursing home's:

  • Failure to anticipate and mitigate fall risks
  • Failure to implement fall prevention strategies
  • Failure to enforce safe lifting and transfer practices
  • Failure to use appropriate equipment to assist with transfers
  • Failure to provide adequate supervision of staff and residents

Overcrowding and understaffing in many nursing homes also contribute to the problem.

In your case, it might not be immediately apparent which of these factors contributed to the fall. That is where we come in. Equipped with extensive experience handling nursing home abuse cases, our attorneys and staff will conduct a thorough investigation to lay the foundation for a strong case.

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