Holding Nursing Homes Accountable

Many nursing homes are overcrowded and understaffed. Negligent hiring, improper supervision of employees, inadequate training and misplaced priorities on profits over people can all lead to tragic cases of abuse and neglect.

Nursing home residents are often vulnerable and may be unable to effectively speak out against the abuse or report it. Eventually, the abuse may come to light through unexplained bruises, deteriorating health and tragic accidents.

Take Action Against Negligent Nursing Homes

Learning that your loved one has suffered abuse or neglect in a nursing home is never easy. However, you can focus on taking action to protect your loved one and hold the nursing home accountable.

At Kujawski & Associates LLC, our lawyers can help you take legal action against the negligent parties, including individual staff members as well as the nursing home, senior care facility or others at fault. We handle nursing home abuse and injury cases with a high degree of care and professionalism.

You can rely on our attorneys to conduct a thorough investigation, gathering the evidence and documentation necessary to support a strong case. Our attorneys and staff will work diligently to help you obtain a just outcome.

Types Of Abuse And Neglect

Nursing home abuse can take many forms. Examples include:

Nobody should have to endure abuse or neglect in a nursing home or residential care facility. By pursuing a personal injury claim against the nursing home to hold the responsible parties liable, you can help make sure that no other residents are subjected to the same treatment in the future.

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