Over $27 Million Recovered For Amputee Clients ---In the Last Two Years

In the last two years alone, John Kujawski and Bob Marcus have recovered over $27 Million, in confidential settlements, for clients who have suffered one of the most devastating and horrific types of injuries---traumatically amputated limbs.

Amputations create special medical and legal problems for all involved. Clients have to suffer through numerous surgeries and procedures to ensure the amputation heals properly. Routine prosthetic fitting and therapy is necessary to minimize future complications. Other catastrophic injuries often occur with traumatic amputations-- internal organs are damaged, bones are fractured and crushed, and muscles and ligaments are severed. The attorneys at Kujawski Marcus, LLC work closely with you and your physicians to ensure you receive the best medical treatment and therapies available.

Kujawski Marcus LLC

Loved ones and families are forced to modify their entire life structure as a result of amputations. The normal routine is permanently gone, as family members become caregivers and aides to assist with the daily needs of the injured spouse. Counseling and therapy are necessary to process these family changes and to learn how to cope with the devastating injuries. John Kujawski and Bob Marcus assist spouses and families in dealing with these dramatic life changes and provide the support for you and your family to begin the healing process.

Kujawski Marcus, LLC focuses on the liability of negligent companies and railroads responsible for your injures. Whether the negligent driver of a corporate van crossed a double yellow line, or a railroad used defective equipment-Kujawski Marcus, LLC will hold them accountable for all of the damage they cause.

Kujawski Marcus LLC

John Kujawski and Bob Marcus are devoted to representing individuals who have sustained catastrophic injuries, such as amputations; brain damage; or burn injuries; or were killed due to the wrongful conduct of others, including railroads, insurance companies, corporations, trucking companies, and manufacturers.

To discuss your accident or injuries, please call John Kujawski or Bob Marcus at 618-622-3600.