Are Illnesses Covered Under FELA?

Yes, certain illnesses caused by exposure to dangerous and hazardous working conditions resulting from carrier negligence are covered under the FELA. Many of these illnesses and diseases are not detected until many years after the initial exposure to the hazard. The following examples of illnesses have been caused by a railroad's negligence in failing to provide a safe work environment.

Hearing loss caused by exposures to excessive noise levels while on duty.

Toxic poisoning from hazardous wastes and chemical exposures while on duty.

Heart attacks brought on through stressful working conditions.

Frostbite that occurs from exposure to extremely cold workplace conditions.

Respiratory disease from the inhalation of toxic fumes or from inhaling fibers or particles, such as asbestos.

Skin conditions, such as rashes from the exposure to chemicals, such as diesel fuel, solvents and cleaning compounds used in car and locomotive shops or creosote.

There are other illnesses and diseases which are compensable. This should be investigated and discussed with your FELA attorney.